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Primary schools in England and Wales can register here for the Census 2021 education programme.

Let’s Count! provides flexible and time-saving resources which will support your school through COVID-19, to re-engage children and families in learning and to celebrate local community, as part of your recovery curriculum. The resources can also be used for remote learning.

Once registered, schools will receive resources from January.

Ten reasons to register

  1. Choice of 14 easy-to-use lessons accredited by MEI, NATE and Geographical Association.
  2. Covers curriculum in England & Wales (dual language). Free booklet and online resources.
  3. Editable PowerPoint slides of each lesson plan, to tailor your lessons.
  4. Best-practice video lessons from a Primary Maths Specialist at MEI and NCETM Associate.
  5. Live video lesson from Professor David Olusoga on Equality and representation.
  6. Professional development video from MEI on progression in statistics.
  7. Great Let’s Count! competition where you could win £1,000 of equipment.
  8. Home learning and take-home material for children and their parents.
  9. Assembly presentation, colourful classroom display material and posters.
  10. Stickers and certificates to reward the children for taking part.

The details you provide will only be used by iChild and ONS to process your application and to run the Let’s Count! education programme. Your details will not be passed to any other 3rd party. iChild is the Data Processer and ONS is the Data Controller. iChild will share details with ONS for the purpose of running the education programme. The privacy policy for ONS can be found here.

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5. Would you be able to share messages and/or images on your school’s social media channel(s), to let parents and the wider community know you are taking part in the census education programme Let’s Count!?

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Please press "submit" to confirm that you would like to receive a Let's Count! education resource pack in early January 2021 to use in your school before Census Day on Sunday 21 March 2021

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Thank you for applying to receive a free Let's Count! education resource pack.

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Thank you!

Thank you for registering to receive a free Let's Count! census primary school education resource pack.

If you are from a school in England or Wales you will receive your pack within 21 days.

You should now receive a confirmation email sent to the email address used in the registration. If you do not receive this, or if you have any queries please contact the iChild census team at census@ichild.co.uk

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